Our mission:

The Marty O’Connor Foundation for Progress is a non-profit organization that was created in honor of our son, brother, colleague and friend, Marty O’Connor, who suffered a life-altering Spinal Cord Injury in August of 2012.

All ongoing efforts of our Foundation are directed at providing Marty and other people who have sustained debilitating injuries with access to the substantial support and care they need to recover, maintain healthy lifestyles, and live his life to the fullest – as Marty always has.

With appreciation from The O’Connors:

Marty has truly been lifted up by the prayers and good wishes from so many of you. Regular visits from close friends, family, and work associates have lifted his spirits tremendously. We can’t help but be reminded every day that what really matters in life is faith, family, and friends. We are humbled by the outpouring of love for Marty and cannot thank you enough for your support thus far. We all thank God for every bit of promise He offers. Please check back often to read updates and see pictures and videos of Marty riding this wave of progress.

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