Back to Beast Mode

With a few weeks under his belt at his new gyms, St. Jude’s Outpatient and Goodwill Fitness Center, I am pleased to report that Marty is back into BEAST MODE! Both gyms are fully stocked with all kinds of fancy SCI machines and equipment. Marty was really excited to see some new equipment that he hasn’t used before and has been able to target some new muscle groups. He has been focusing a lot on his arms and core strength and is starting to see some results! His balance is really improving and helping him to sit up. So far he has been able to sit up on the edge of the mat for 7 minutes all on his own! His legs and back still seem to be his strongest muscles and he continues to work on those daily. This week he was up in a standing frame working on his balance, quads, and hamstrings. And let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen… Marty O’Connor is a lean, mean, SQUATTING MACHINE! My butt hurts just thinking about all those squats!

He has come soooo far from where he started! When he came out of surgery, he couldn’t move or feel a thing! It just goes to show the power of prayer, hard work and determination. We have a video that we’ll be showing at the event on the 23rd, that shows Marty’s journey from the very beginning up until now. For those of you who haven’t seen him in person yet, you will really be AMAZED just how far he’s come. I’ll be sure to post that video on here after the event.

Bridal Shower

In other news… Marty is thoroughly enjoying “life on the outside!” He has had lots of visitors over at his new place and he’s keeping busy on the weekends. Marty is loving having some normalcy back in his life. This long weekend was action packed! Saturday, Marty came over for a bridal shower followed by a couples BBQ for our good friends Jacqueline and Devon.

Professional Bull RidngOn Sunday, we went to Professional Bull Riding at the Honda Center! We got our redneck on and BBQed over at the Marty’s with Ryan, Grant, Lauren, Josh, JD, and Alycia before we went. Afterwards we headed over to the Tilted Quilt to meet up with even more friends, Ciro, Nick, and Michelle!

Work Friends

And today, we headed down to (none other than) The Catch for lunch with some of Marty’s  friends from work, Kevin, Roger, and Diane! Marty had a lot of fun catching up and talking business. He misses his job and all of his coworkers.

Lastly, a BIG thank you to all of you! I don’t think any of us expected this to reach so many people. Marty has been touched and inspired by all of your kind words and donations! He is so lucky to have so many people rallying behind him!

Marty has a busy week ahead, starting with a five hour work out tomorrow to work off all those wings and things he ate this weekend 😉 ! Check back soon for more updates and videos!