Honorable Discharge

On January 10, 2013, Marty was released from Casa Colina Transitional Living Center a FREE MAN! Well… not completely free because he’s still got this ol’ ball and chain. But after serving a 153 day hospital sentence, he’s finally trading in his orange jumpsuits hospital gowns… for some v-necks and skinny jeans and he couldn’t be happier! I think what he will miss most are the hot ticket lunch items… like the pork chops with stuffing — or maybe the fish chowder…NOT!

OK but really, after a long stay at St. Jude’s and an even longer stay at TLC, Marty is so excited to move on to the next phase of his recovery. He has made some awesome friends, in both the staff and the other patients, along the way that I know he will miss, but definitely keep in touch with. He will now be rehabbing twice a week at St. Jude’s outpatient facility in Brea, and the rest of the week at the Goodwill Fitness Center, in Costa Mesa. He’ll be spending 3-5 HOURS a DAY, 5-6 days a week working out…there really is no stopping this guy. If his awesome attitude, positive outlook, and diehard determination weren’t enough to inspire… perhaps some of his gym rat ways can inspire us all as yet another, inevitable bikini season looms in the not so distant future…

Now, I’ve got to get going because as you can imagine, after five months… we have tons of catching up to do on the DVR!