Movin’ on up!

As of today, January 25th, Marty and his dad are officially Orange County residents again!!! Thursday, as I drove out to Pomona like I had so many times before, I realized this would be the last time I made that drive to see Marty. I thought maybe I should feel a little sentimental or even a little sad to leave it… but I was quickly snapped back to reality as I hit the parking lot that is the 91 Freeway and was halted to a dead stop in traffic. I think I speak for all of us when I say, PEACE OUT, POMONA!

The Marty’s and Josh spent Friday moving all the heavy boxes and furniture into the new apartment in Anaheim. Lauren and I arrived shortly after for the fun part… shopping! That night, we went down to dinner at The Catch, where Marty ordered a burger as big, if not bigger, than his head. Then on Saturday, Marty took full advantage of having an interior design guru for a sister and we hit the town shopping. He got some new duds for his new digs and got the place looking good. Marty also got a hair cut. Although some may say that I’m biased, I am pleased to inform you he is STILL as cute as ever. 🙂 We worked up quite an appetite after all that so Lauren whipped us up one of her delicious dinners. Sunday, we did a little more unpacking and then headed back to The Catch (where we have full intentions of becoming “regulars”) for a Celebratory Move-In Dinner with my family and the Marty’s.

After a busy weekend of moving and unpacking, the Marty’s are for the most part all settled in. Marty is sooo excited to be closer to all his friends and family, and to regain his social life! The new apartment is pretty awesome and definitely designed for entertaining. I don’t think Marty could live any closer to Angels Stadium unless he lived inside. There is a view of the Stadium out of every window in the apartment and Marty is on cloud nine. With its close proximity to Angels Stadium… and Hooters, I definitely see some Angels games and fried pickles in our future….

Marty has a busy week ahead, check back for more Marty updates!