Progress Report

Under normal circumstances, it would be strange to receive a video titled, “Your Brother Working Out His Abs” in your inbox….in fact, I would normally report it as some weird spam message, but not these days! The videos I get of Marty working out and making progress will never get old.

5 months ago, these videos would literally be Marty wiggling a single toe once or twice, but they weren’t any less exciting than what we are seeing now. Each video sent from California has given me SO much hope and a much better understanding of what this injury really means for Marty.

He told me once, that it felt like he had a 60 pound bag of sand attached to his finger when he was trying to lift it. The effort and exertion required to get his body moving these days is unbelievable. So just doing a single sit-up is a huge victory!

Marty has been so tough. I wish (more than anything) that he could just “will” himself better….this would have been over with a long  time ago if that was the case, but the truth is, it just won’t be that easy. Marty is rebuilding his body inch by inch and fighting every step of the way.

Now that we are posting videos and “Marty Updates,” for the world to see -my hope in sharing these is that you can see how incredible my brother really is. Regardless of his workouts, Marty is without a doubt a stronger person. Despite some tough days, I truly think that he is a better version of himself because of this awful time in his life. He works so hard, he is incredibly determined and he doesn’t complain! …we can all learn something from that 🙂

So here is the latest dose of “Marty’s Progress”

Lots of Love,


(Marty’s very proud sister)