The Marty Monologues

Marty has been having some pretty incredible workouts lately! I swear all your prayers and good thoughts are working! So please keep them coming!


  • A few days after the fundraiser, I received this video at work… Marty is standing WITHOUT a standing frame or assistance! He is balancing completely on his own! It is most definitely a “MONUMENTAL MOMENT!” as you can hear his dad say in the video. It still makes me teary eyed watching it today.

  • That very same night, Marty and Lauren came over for dinner… Lauren and I were in the kitchen with Marty parked close by, but neither of us were really paying much attention to him. Then out of nowhere I turn around and Marty has his hand just inches from his face!!! No warning, no “watch this!” nothing! (I think he was showing off to teach us a lesson on paying him more attention! 😉 ) After we had him do it a couple more times for us, I finally thought to get out the camera and film it. So at this point he’s pretty tired and he was STILL getting it up that high! This boy will be feeding himself again before we know it!!!!!! Which I know he can’t wait for… poor guy can’t afford another BBQ stain on a white t-shirt. Feeding a grown man is no walk in the park… let me tell you! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried feeding someone else a crunchy taco, a chicken wing, or an over easy egg! It’s quite a challenge and requires a lot of concentration… But as I hone my utensil coordination… Marty’s honing his patience! 😮


IMG_6023On the 28th, we attended the Laker game that was auctioned off at Marty’s fundraiser! (and luckily it was a Lakers WIN!)  Big thank you’s to the McCarthy family for donating the box and to everyone that bid and bought tickets! We had so much fun with all of you!!! It was definitely a night to remember! 🙂


  • This weekend Marty had some more great workouts at the OC Goodwill Fitness Center. He works on this one machine that allows him to do more than five different arm, shoulder and back workouts. This next video was at the very end of his arm workout and it shows him doing lat pull downs. Since he can’t grip or hold a bar or handles, he wears these special gloves that help hold his fingers in place around the handle and secure his grip.

  • And his legs just keep getting stronger and stronger! Marty has been working on his quadriceps and hamstrings lately. He’s been really good at squats and isolating his hamstrings, but he’s been having more trouble isolating his quads. WELL, NOT THIS WEEKEND! We could hardly believe what we were seeing, he was able to do multiple sets of 10-15 legs curls, upping the weight with each set. He worked all the way up to 35lbs, completely on his own!! It was amazing! Thirty five pounds may not seem like much, but this was HUGE and Marty was exhausted afterwards! His legs felt like sand bags. This video shows it from a couple different angles.

Thanks for tuning in to the Marty Monologues! Be on the lookout for more Marty happenings later this week. And please keep the prayers and good thoughts flowing! <3