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Mom’s Perspective

The day that Marty got hurt last August was every family’s nightmare. When your child gets hurt, you always want to swoop in and make everything better. Even if a trip to the emergency room was involved, you depended on the expertise of the good doctors to repair the cuts or broken bones and then took your child home…

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Progress Report

Under normal circumstances, it would be strange to receive a video titled, “Your Brother Working Out His Abs” in your inbox….in fact, I would normally report it as some weird spam message, but not these days! The videos I get of Marty working out and making progress will never get old. 5 months ago, these videos would literally be…

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Back to Beast Mode

With a few weeks under his belt at his new gyms, St. Jude’s Outpatient and Goodwill Fitness Center, I am pleased to report that Marty is back into BEAST MODE! Both gyms are fully stocked with all kinds of fancy SCI machines and equipment. Marty was really excited to see some new equipment that he hasn’t used before and…

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