Fundraiser Video!

I know a lot of you have been waiting to see the video that we showed at Marty’s fundraiser!

I just want to preface this video… Because its crazy and exciting to see how much progress Marty has made since he got hurt!

Sometimes it feels like time is standing still and nothing new is happening. Because I see him everyday, sometimes it’s hard to see the little things slowly turning into big things. I forget where we started… and how much has happened since. We’ve come to realize spinal cord injuries come with THE SLOWEST recovery. It’s not like Marty wakes up one day and has some new return or recovery… every ounce of his recovery is earned by hours and hours of therapy and work. Yes, time is a factor in this kind of recovery, but in order to use any of the return/recovery he gets, Marty has to have the muscle and the power to use it and make it functional. That is why it is so important for him to do as much activity-based, physical and occupational therapy as possible.

Marty has said a couple times that this recovery is like rebuilding your body one millimeter at a time. And trust me, we celebrate each and every millimeter he gets! And we thank God everyday! Katie couldn’t have explained it any better in her “Progress Report…” The itty bitty wiggles and twitches we were seeing months ago aren’t any less exciting than the leg extensions, squats, and sit ups we are seeing today. Each step of this recovery is just as exciting and monumental as the last! This video really narrows it down to some of the HUGE things that have happened since August 12th until just before his fundraiser on February 23rd. I’m telling you… if we made a video with all the footage I have shot alone, we would have a couple full length films to show you! Bonus scenes and special features included! ( And I am happy to report that he has made even more progress since the fundraiser that I will definitely share soon, too!)

From the moment Marty got hurt until now, there have been so many unknowns, so much uncertainty and unpredictability in our lives. But the one thing that has never wavered, is Marty. His will, his certainty and his determination to make this spinal cord injury his b!@$%, are truly inspiring. And it is SOOO amazing to see how far he has come!

BIG THANKS to Rick Horn of “illusionaryfilms” for all the time and effort that went into making this video. It is amazing and we are sooo grateful! So without further adieu… Grab some Kleenex!