Magic Mart

LONG TIME NO POST! My apologies, we were super busy spring breakin’ and time got the best of us. But big things have been happening in the Marty Movement!!

For about a month now, Marty has been going to acupuncture once a week to help with his circulation. This week, he had his first massage at St. Jude and according to Martin, it was GLORIOUS. The massage therapist, who specializes in spinal cord injuries, made mention that she was very impressed with Marty’s muscle tone. (In any other circumstance, I think a masseuse commenting on Marty’s muscles might make me a little jealous… but in this case, that was definitely great to hear!) Marty has a lot of tone and spasticity that make his muscles super tight, so tight that his arms don’t just hang at his sides like mine or yours. And when he extends his leg and lets go, it doesn’t just fall back down, it sloooowly goes back down. The massage therapist said that regular massages can help with that tightness, his circulation, and his soreness from working out. 🙂 So weekly massages will be a welcomed addition to his regular routine.

It crazy to think how much Marty might be able to do if he wasn’t so tight… Just messing around at the gym the other day, Marty put some weight bags around his wrists to make his arms hang down while sitting in his chair. With his arms down there, he was ALMOST able to use them to push his wheelchair forward! That would be HUGE for his independence, so getting rid of that tightness is a top priority. This is a short clip of Marty rolllllin’ at the gym, I decided this one needed some appropriate tune-age so I dubbed it with a little music for your viewing pleasure 😉

Some more big news, Marty has been getting some finger motion!!! His hands have been sooo slow throughout this process and in the last few weeks he’s gotten some thumb and pointer movement.

Everyone around rejoiced that soon enough Marty may be able to drive his own power wheelchair…. but not my moyfriend…Martin’s first thought was playing XBOX! You see…. I use the term MOYfriend because Marty is stuck in that awkward phase Britney Spears so perfectly described on her Crossroads album. “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman…” That’s Marty… not a boy not yet a man… I mean technically, yes…. he does have a 401k and a neard (neck beard) but he also likes to play Call of Duty and drink Nesquik from the bottle…. its a “transitional” phase 😉

And last but not least, Marty continues to get stronger and stronger. He is so committed to his regular, daily workout schedule. And thankfully his determination and hard work continue to pay off. He has definitely been filling out again and gaining more muscle lately. He’s been doing lots of weight training for his arms and also squats, abs, and balance training on the tilt table we call the Frankenstein. Here is a short video of Smarty doing some sit ups:

That’s all for now…more regular posting to come, promise 🙂