Marty’s going to be on TV!

Last fall, Larry King’s show, “In View,” did a segment on handicap accessible workout facilities (and the lack thereof). Goodwill Fitness Center in Santa Ana, CA, where we are regulars, is featured. They asked Marty to represent them as a client, and he is interviewed and filmed doing part of his workout regimen. If you don’t sneeze or blink, you will also see my husband and I wheeling him in from the parking lot. We were very proud of Marty. He has been so strong throughout all of this and remained very poised on camera. Goodwill has had him speak at one of their fundraising events as well. You will see Marty’s physical therapist, Stephanie, and his trainer, Johnny, as well as the manager, Elizabeth, who is just awesome. The facility is truly unique. We all feel like one big family there; everyone supports the efforts of others without judgement or any sense of discomfort. It is one of the big reasons we remain here in southern CA for Marty’s rehabilitation.

TUNE IN: “IN VIEW” ON SATURDAY, APRIL 5TH AT 1PM EDT/PDT ON FOX BUSINESS NETWORK (not to be confused with Fox News). Set your DVR’s and feel free to spread the word! It’s worth watching. Note: as of now when you look at the time slot on Guide on your remote, the listing says “Paid Programming” rather than “In View”.

You can look up the show online as well.