Support from Ohio – ACME Community Cash Back program


Starting in September 2014 The Marty O’Connor Foundation for Progress participated in a fundraiser that was put on by Acme grocery stores located in Akron, Ohio. Enlisting the help of local friends and family, Marty’s sister Katie began collecting receipts from regular shopping trips to the store. Almost every week someone new would drop an envelope off with a big stack of receipts! All “store brand” products purchased were itemized at the bottom of the receipts and a portion of those proceeds were promised back to our foundation. By the end of the program in February,  we had gathered just over 1,000 receipts and the amounts totaled up quickly!

Every dollar counts when it comes to helping other people. THANK YOU to all of my friends, neighbors  and family who took the time to collect and pass along their receipts.

We know that it will make a difference for members of the SCI community and we look forward to participating in the Acme program again next year!