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Marty’s Accident: Life Changes in an Instant

On August 12th, 2012, Marty’s life took a devastating turn when he fell on a staircase and suffered a spinal cord injury that resulted in nerve damage and paralysis.

foundation3Marty underwent corrective surgery the next day at Western Medical Center to relieve the pressure of a ruptured disc on his spinal cord. After five days in the Critical Care Unit, he was transferred to St. Jude’s Acute Spinal Cord Unit where, during the next 63 days, he valiantly began his journey to regain use of his arms and legs. This was followed by 85 days of more intense therapy at Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation Transitional Living Center in Pomona, CA and then St. Jude’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center.

Marty continues his intense rehabilitation at the Goodwill Fitness Center. Though the effects of his injury have altered life as he knew it, Marty is determined to rebuild his life and, God willing, one day use his arms and walk again. His positive attitude and fierce perseverance have inspired all of us. We cannot stress enough the value of your continued support.

Out of Tragedy Comes Inspiration: Reaching out to Others

foundation1All patients, like Marty, face a long road to recovery. As their journey progresses outside of a hospital setting, the list of necessities to aid in personal care, health maintenance, and recovery is significant and comes with a tremendous financial burden that goes far beyond insurance coverage. Along our journey we have been inspired by the strength and determination exemplified by so many other patients with debilitating injuries that we have met. It is with this in mind that The Marty O’Connor Foundation for Progress invites you to join our quest to raise money to provide healthful opportunities, financial support, and HOPE to others fighting the same fight that we are. 

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